Holy Island

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Lindisfarne Castle
This historic part time island is cut off from the mainland twice a day for a few hours either side of high tide. It has been raided by angry Vikings and now snapping tourists. Lindisfarne has a great deal to offer any photographer in all weather and lighting conditions, starting from the causeway linking it to the mainland where there are long beaches, dunes, refuge towers and guide poles. On the island proper we will see Lindisfane Castle (National Trust) on the highest rock in the area, this is a small but spectacular building with the iconic huts made of inverted boat hulls nearby. The castle overlooks some lime kilns near a pebble shoreline. There is the ruined priory (National Trust) with many interesting shapes to play with. All these attractions are round the outside of a large harbour with large number of boats waiting to be photographed. We can either stay when the tide is out which opens up the possibility of getting shots of boats in the harbour when beached. Or, with the tide in, when all the boats are floating and there are opportunities to shoot the waves beneath the castle.