Visitors comments

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Some comments and feedback from past visitors

Locations visited
Locations were fantastic, could not have asked for more.

Loved the castles and coast, coming from a city these helped me move out of my comfort zone.

It was good to spend time on the coast one day then a city waterfront the next.

Northumberland was new to me and I’d never have found many of these locations without local knowledge.

The one day course was really educational and has given me the confidence to take my photography further. Both of us thought you were very patient and simplified the jargon. I would definitely recommend the course to others!

The areas covered were well delivered and even going back over things I thought I knew well gave me a new perspective on them

Going round in a small and enthusiastic group worked well, as I learnt from watching you and the other visitors when they took their photographs. We all fed of each other.

Yes it was great to have that time to concentrate on things and I certainly learned a lot.

Just a wee message to say that mum and I had our first photo-day day out together yesterday and everything that I learned from you came flooding back. Dad went through all the "technical" stuff with me but I experimented with different exposure time and took some great shots
Bye for now

General comments
The locality was excellent everyone I met was very friendly and the local hotel was good value for money.

I enjoyed getting away for two days of photography, without having to worry about where to go and what to take. Just having you driving to the locations and knowing the best places meant I was free to have fun and experiment with my photography.

I loved the informality of the workshop and the flexibility that the small groups allowed.