Alnwick Castle and Gardens

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Alnwick Castle
Alnwick Town
Voted one of the best places to live in the UK an opinion that I would have difficulty arguing with. It has a few interesting buildings and civic square and market place. There are regular music and entertainment festivals and if a course coincides with one of these then there will be plenty of photo opportunities. On one of the approaches to the town there is the lion bridge, this has the ‘Percy Lion’ protecting the way in to the town. This is perched on top of the walls of the triple arched bridge, presenting some interesting shots with the castle in the background towering over the bridge. The stone parapet and turrets on the bridge mirror those on the castle itself.

Alnwick Castle
On the south side of the town on a hill overlooking the river Aln (good reflection shots) is a large castle that is the location for some Harry Potter and other films. There is a path along side the river on the opposite bank to the castle where photographers can get some very good views of the castle in the morning. In the afternoon the sun throws the whole of this aspect of the castle into shadow. One can wander round the exterior where, depending on the time of year, you can get photographs over fields of blue bells or daffodils. Going inside will open up a large number of interesting shapes, textures and viewpoints.

Alnwick Garden
Formerly a scruffy appendage to the castle over the last ten years these gardens have grown to be just a famous as the castle. The centre piece is a large cascade and fountains, which regularly give an impressive display needing a bit of sun to show it off to best advantage. Going up either side are covered walkways which look great with the sun filtering through, and the occasional opening giving views over the cascade or adjoining fountains. At the top of the cascade is a large formal garden with some plants of interest at most times of the year running through the garden is a small water feature that may allow some reflection images. On a bank to the side of the walled formal garden is the largest orchard in the country with going on for a million same coloured tulips breath, a breathtaking view if caught at the right time of year.